Mission Driven Catering That Revolves Around You

Celebrate your event with a memorable menu that tells your story,
friendly service that takes care of your guests and a waste free event that gives back.

Mission Driven Catering That Revolves Around You

Celebrate your event with a memorable menu that tells your story,
friendly service that takes care of your guests and a waste free event that gives back.


We curate a conscious menu that best represents the experience our guests and host are looking to have. Your event is unique; from the people and message, to the location and décor. Make it special and give your guests an experience; dishes that are thoughtfully crafted from stem to plate.

Bonbite catering plated entreé of seared snapper, heirloom carrots and cauliflower with a peppercorn cream sauce Close up on heirloom carrots being sorted on slate

“The food and service that night was fantastic, interesting, and delicious. But what’s even more incredible than the already amazing food, was how kind and helpful they were throughout the process.”
- Lex Kiefhaber


Through our partnerships with local farms and purveyors, we strive to use fresh, seasonal, and sustainably sourced ingredients in every curated menu for all of our events.

Winston Chiu farming vegetables at the Brooklyn Grange in the Brooklyn Navy Yard Bonbite fried eggplant bao with micro greens at the Brooklyn Grange at the Brooklyn Navy Yard


From creating your menu to topping off the champagne, we’re here to take care of you every step of the way, our chefs, event captains, bartenders, and servers will take care of every detail of your event. We look forward to you experiencing Bonbite hospitality. Our personable in-house service team are knowledgeable about our food, service, and venues. So your event feels like walking into your favorite restaurant versus just another catered event.

Bonbite catering specialty cocktail with sparkling white wine with limoncello and edidle flower garnish in coupe glass Bonbite table service of first course wedge salad with brioche crumble

“The team really made sure everything was covered, and made sure we were well fed as we were greeting guests at every table. One example is one of our vegetarian guests was pleasantly surprised that they already knew his dietary restriction before he even made the staff aware, which is a testament to how on the ball the staff was!"
- Kenny & Steph


As full-service caterers, from set up to break down, we take care of every detail you’ve thought of. Our event managers will build your rental list depending on what your venue does and doesn’t provide and you get the peace of mind that we’ve got you covered on all the details that go into building a successful event.

When it’s time to party, our team makes sure your guests don’t need to follow servers around to enjoy an hors d’oeuvre and our bartenders have mastered the perfect pour in every specialty cocktail made.

Founder and chef Winston Chiu talking to guests during dinner

“It made us so happy to know that our friends and family were enjoying themselves and that Bonbite really helped us make that happen.” - Avi T.

In one year, events in and around NYC generate thousands of pound in food waste. Not on our watch.


As you enjoy your event, know that its rewards won’t end when you and your guests go home. In choosing Bonbite, you help put 1000 meals a week into hands of New Yorkers who need it through our non-profit partner More Than a Meal.

“Amazing food and hospitality should be everywhere for everyone, which is why I’m excited to partner with More Than a Meal so we can create a better food experience for communities and individuals who are in need. As a business, we feel it’s important to make a difference, no matter how big or small, especially in our backyard.”
– Chef Winston, co-founder

Enjoy the process while
we bring your vision to life.

Never catered an event before? We’ll walk you through it. Got enough on your plate? Leave this one to us. We take care of everything for you from start to finish, and love working with you to build your event’s vision with the practices our customers love us for.

At Bonbite we combine eco-friendly practices with food and service that feels special. Let’s top it all off together with personal touches that make the event uniquely yours.

Bonbite NYC Co-Founders Winston Chiu and Kyley Cheever in Bonbite Kitchen

Make it personal.
Make it purposeful.

We collaborate with you to learn what’s special about you and your event. Working closely within your wishes and budget, we create specialty dishes and cocktails tailored to your personal or brand story, cultural heritage, and individual aesthetic. Working with local farms and using sustainable practices, we’ll minimize food waste and repurpose leftovers to feed those in need through our non-profit partner More Than a Meal.

Winston Chiu holding radishes picked from the Brooklyn Grange at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Bonbite catering server holding a tray of brown butter dipped hakurei turnip with sea salt at the Brooklyn Grange

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