Bonbite catering quail egg in a birds nest small bite

Your event is unique.
Your food should be too.

Our menus are based on seasonal market changes and our partnerships with local farms and purveyors introduce a local element to any setting and encourage the support of sustainable practices. By developing our menus through countless iterations, with a slew of subtle culinary techniques, we aim to hit every note of flavor – from savory, to sweet, to spicy, to earthy -  just right

Small Bites

Delight your guests with these inventive appetizers, delicious as well as beautiful.

Small Plates

Tasty and chic, these flavorsome dishes are perfect for light dining.

Starters & Sides

Start your event off right with one of these singular dishes, the perfect complement to any meal.

Family Style or Plated

For a main course or family style meal, try one of these elevated yet satisfying dishes.

Cocktails & Desserts

Far from your standard wine pairings and specialty cocktails, these drinks are uniquely mixed by innovative experts.