Guests depart cosing wedding ceremony at the BK Grange in the BK Navy Yard

A New Kind of Dining Experience

Jaw-dropping dishes for the New Yorker who’s tasted it all.

Create a culinary experience that stands out from the rest—even in the city of out of the box dining itself.


Our yearly special compost dinner curated with the Brooklyn Grange Farm, features a top-of-the-line dining experience created from discarded food items. In the hands of our talented chefs, they become unique, tasty dishes served in an unforgettable way.

2018 Compost Dinner course served in a repurposed coconut shell
BK Grange vegetable crudite platter with hummus dip in a banana leaf
Heritage pork sausage with pineapple skewer on a banana leaf lined platter
2018 Compost Dinner at the BK Grange in the BK Navy Yard

The Latest Protein

Make your night truly memorable with the latest exotic, cutting-edge cuisine: insects! Inspired by insect dishes from the likes of Asia and South America, we’ll curate a special menu that’s shockingly tasty.

Food + tech dinner sponsored by GE, dessert course with dehydrated ants
Food + tech dinner sponsored by GE table set up
Founder and Chef Winston Chiu plating steak second course for Food + Tech dinner event
Beef wellington plating for serve out for dinner

A new kind of dining experience

What do 3D food printers, GE smart appliances, and dessert-serving drones have in common? They’re all tools we’ve used to prepare innovative, futuristic catering menus. Combining new technology with old expertise, we’re bringing food into the 21st century.

Future of

We love to cater unique dishes in a brand new way. Drawing on the latest trends, we’ll work with your company or brand to create a menu sure to surprise, delight, and impress. We may even break out the drones!

Plated first course for experiential dinner at New Lab in the BK Navy Yard
Founder and Chef Winston Chiu cooking with dry ice
Experiential dinner at New Lab at the BK Navy Yard, first course

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